Elect Larry W. Thomas Mayor of Powder Springs

Larry’s with his late wife, Karen, each receiving awards after 23 years of service to this country
Larry loves his large front porch
Seen often on Marietta Street
Larry wants to be your next Mayor
A Member of the Powder Springs Historical Society & Museum Board

A member of the Powder Springs Historical Society & Museum Board

Ideological Leader For Powder Springs

A member of Powder Springs American Legion Post 294

A member of Powder Springs’ American Legion Post 294

More citizen involvement in the governing of Powder Springs. Citizen-led teams that advise the Council and Committees.

Keep those city functions that work and change those that don’t.

Ensure every resident and every business is treated equally and like a cherished member of the community.

Get Involved

Become a Volunteer

How we can build a better city together!

I cannot do it alone, I will need your support during the time I am mayor. So get involved. I will be asking for citizens to volunteer to form resident-led panels that will advise our city officials and city-sponsored committees.

We can improve our communication skills between city officials, employees and our residents and business owners. We can make doing business with the city easier and more enjoyable.

We can save the remainder of our historic area and make it a place people want to visit.


Get more direct involvement from the small, brick-and-mortar businesses to hear how the city can help them thrive.


Work closely with the schools to help prevent overcrowding of both the schools and the buses that take our most precious residents to and from school.


We must look into ensuring we have proper traffic studies that align with other construction being done nearby.

Return Taxes

The city raised the property tax to make up for a $348k shortfall of an $18M budget. I want to return the money to the tax payer.

City Service

The city has raised its prices and eliminated some services. I want to restore as many services as we can. I want to ensure that no additional services are canceled.

Senior Citizens

In the past few years, we have built a lot for the youth. Let’s do more for our seniors and those who pay the taxes.

Let’s ensure every citizen is treated with respect and heard.

  • Citizens quickly get answers to questions
  • Residents treated with utmost respect
  • I don’t like the “Not my Job” mentality from any city employee or elected official.

I want to protect every resident and business’s rights.

  • No resident or business singled out for special or bad treatment
  • Work with residents or businesses to resolve issues
  • Protect everyone’s 4th & 5th Amendment Rights

Change the perception to being extremely business friendly.

  • Ensure City decisions do not negatively impact businesses without first hosting meetings with business owners
  • Work with new businesses to improve success for all

I am NOT accusing anyone of mismanaging the city funds, I am simply saying, we do not have a clear picture as we should.

My Mission & Vision

First and foremost, I want to change how information is put out to citizens so they can easily read and respond in time for the city officials to make decisions.

My Approach

Help our residents establish committees that will advise the council and city run committees. This will greatly help with making Powder Springs a true community once again.