City Services

The city has raised its prices and eliminated some services. I want to restore as many services as we can. I am committed that no additional services are canceled.

I want to work to restore our curbside recycling if possible.  It is important for each of us to do our part to help this planet and recycling is an important part.  While the city spent a lot of money to set up a recycling place, not that many will actually take it there.  Plus, their requirement for separating the materials is more than most people would be willing to do on a recurring basis.  We can and should do better.

I want to make certain that are getting the best answers to the studies we have paid for and not the answer that was desired.  If there is one thing I learned in college, it is that studies, surveys, and research can and often are designed to give the results desired.  I want honest studies to determine the best results so that our team is operating with maximum efficiency. I am glad that we are increasing our number of Law Enforcement Officers by five over the next five years along with five additional cars.  Is that sufficient?  How many do we really need?  I want to empower our city’s department directors so that they can make their own recommendations to the council.