Senior Citizens

In the past few years, we have built a lot for the youth. Let’s do more for our seniors and those who pay the taxes.

I would like to see our seniors group return it to a full and vibrant bunch of activities as it was before COVID.  During COVID, the city manager took over the building that belongs to the Seniors.  I want to return the building to the ones who were promised it.  I want to remove the current restrictions that are imposed on seniors who want to use the services.  Seniors are old enough to make their own decisions and do not need nor want the city manager telling them they must comply with certain requirements that some of them cannot comply with and others won’t due to religious and personal beliefs.

We owe to our seniors, many of whom have lived here all or most of their lives to let them enjoy their remaining years with freedom, with respect, and with the building that was given to them many years ago.  The Senior Group is\was their own 501(c)(3) entity and was allowed to use the building for events, crafts, dance classes, and fundraisers.  Our mayor and city manager wanted to force them to join the county center on Austell-Powder Springs Road but that center is designed for those with mobility and other impairments.