Social Life

We have a lot of good things going in Powder Springs and I want to keep those city functions that work and change the ones that don’t.  But not everything has to be paid for with tax dollars.  We have a lot of businesses doing great things that we should get behind and support them and seek sponsorship for some events.

I know a lot of people want the leadership to bring good sit-down restaurants to Powder Springs, but please understand, that is beyond any mayor and council’s ability.  What we can do is make Powder Springs a place they would want to come to because we are such a friendly environment and because we can provide foot traffic to their business.

Part of Social Life is feeling comfortable in our homes and while driving in Powder Springs.  I want to ensure we are doing everything we can to guarantee our roads and sidewalks are safe for you and your children.  We need to work together to not only keep our crime rate low but push to lower it even further.