My Mission & Vision

I have attended numerous council work sessions and heard various council members state that by the time they hear from constituents, it is too late.  We can correct this by maximizing the use of social media to get the message out in a clear and concise manner.

I plan to radically change what the Downtown Development Authority is doing and make it plan to maintain what is left of our historic beauty.

I want to improve the way the agenda is written so that it is crystal clear what action the city is taking and where it is.  It is far easier for citizens to understand, “at the corner of Powder Springs Dallas Road and Old Lost Mountain (PIN: 19087600040) than it is if all we see is the Parcel ID number.  Rarely is anything so urgent that it cannot be made known to the public at least one month in advance. 

In 2023 we should be posting well ahead of time Town Hall Meetings, Ward Meetings, Surveys, and announcements when 3 or more members of the council will be attending the same event.  We have Facebook, Twitter, Nextdoor, the electronic signs, and a host of other methods available.  I want to use them.

I want a page on our city website that will be easy to find and easy to read that shows all approved, in-progress, and recently completed major building projects.