My Approach

My approach will be actively recruiting residents and business owners to not only take a more active role in the city but report to the Council or the city’s committees. A few years back, the Mr. Hardy who runs Blades, had a great idea and the city should have acted on it.  He suggested a … Read more

My Mission & Vision

I have attended numerous council work sessions and heard various council members state that by the time they hear from constituents, it is too late.  We can correct this by maximizing the use of social media to get the message out in a clear and concise manner. I plan to radically change what the Downtown … Read more

Return your Taxes

The city raised the property tax to make up for a $348k shortfall of an $18M budget. I want to return the money to the taxpayer. Several years ago, the city voted to increase the millage rate as stated. When it was brought up that they should borrow the money from the city savings account, … Read more

Social Life

We have a lot of good things going in Powder Springs and I want to keep those city functions that work and change the ones that don’t.  But not everything has to be paid for with tax dollars.  We have a lot of businesses doing great things that we should get behind and support them … Read more

Senior Citizens

In the past few years, we have built a lot for the youth. Let’s do more for our seniors and those who pay the taxes. I would like to see our seniors group return it to a full and vibrant bunch of activities as it was before COVID.  During COVID, the city manager took over … Read more

Equality for All

Ensure every resident and every business is treated equally and like a cherished member of Powder Springs. I believe good leaders inform people when something needs correcting and explain what needs to be corrected and then people are given ample time to make necessary corrections.  I am not one who simply wants to hand out … Read more


We must look into confirming we have proper traffic studies that align with other construction being done nearby.  Unlike our current mayor who wanted every traffic study conducted as a stand-alone study and not look at what impact nearby development might create. Between Powder Springs, Cobb County, Austell, Hiram, Paulding, Mableton, and all the surrounding … Read more


Work closely with the schools to help prevent overcrowding of both the schools and the buses that take our most precious residents to and from school. I am hearing from parents constantly talking about overcrowding in the classroom and kids having to stand on the bus while riding to school.  Meanwhile, our city manager had … Read more

City Services

The city has raised its prices and eliminated some services. I want to restore as many services as we can. I am committed that no additional services are canceled. I want to work to restore our curbside recycling if possible.  It is important for each of us to do our part to help this planet … Read more

Citizens First

Increasing citizen involvement in the governing of Powder Springs will put citizens first. Create citizen-led teams that advise the Council and Committees.  My administration will want to hear from citizens on a regular basis.  To that end, I will host no less than 4 listening sessions each and every year I am in office.  These … Read more