Citizens First

Increasing citizen involvement in the governing of Powder Springs will put citizens first. Create citizen-led teams that advise the Council and Committees.  My administration will want to hear from citizens on a regular basis.  To that end, I will host no less than 4 listening sessions each and every year I am in office.  These will not be like the Town Hall Meetings where city officials get up and tell what the city is doing, these will be sessions where I listen to your ideas and your concerns.  Where I will either answer your question or I will get the answer and I will give you the answer.  Our leadership (Mayor and Council) team is elected by the people to represent the people and it is their job to get you the answers to your concerns.  Not to direct you to someone else for the answer, but to get the answer and tell you.  While that might lead to you having to speak with another city official, I believe the initial answer should come from your leadership team.

I was stationed with the Multi-National Force and Observers (MFO) [the peacekeeping force] in the Sinai as the head of transportation and I had an American soldier come in asking where his shipment was.  He was told that no one knew, as he turned to leave, I stopped him.  I then made my team find his shipment, and determine when it would arrive in Tel Aviv, and then give him his answer.  I then told my team not ever let another person leave without an answer when the answer could be determined.  That is exactly how the city should operate.

While on this subject, I think the ward council members should not only represent their ward but all citizens of the city.  I appreciate one ward councilman who will listen to any citizen, regardless of where they live, and either get the answer or ensure action is taken.  That is how all council members should act.  No citizen should ever hear a council member tell them to go speak with “their ward representative.”