Citizens’ Valued

Let’s ensure every citizen is treated with respect and is heard.  I don’t like the “Not my Job” mentality from any city employee or elected official.

When citizens ask questions of our city employees, they should be given the specific answers to their specific questions.  I will make sure that no resident or business leaves a city facility without answers and without what they need.  I can tell lots of stories from my Army days to explain why I feel this way and how I put an end to such practices.

Citizens’ Rights for All

I want to protect every resident and business’s rights. 

I have lived long enough and conducted enough investigations (both criminal and fiduciary) to know that the truth often lies somewhere in the middle of two stories.  But one that I have heard many times concerns me greatly.  The report alleges that code enforcement or other city officials have violated citizens’ 4th or 5th Amendment Rights to collect evidence and then use it against them.  I took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and I am still bound by that oath.  If this has occurred in the past, I can guarantee it won’t if I am in office. 

I do not want any resident or business to be singled out and treated better or worse than another.  I have seen some citizens attend a council meeting and ask questions and get their questions answered right that on the spot.  I have seen others ask questions and be told that no one on the panel is required to answer questions, just listen.  I don’t believe that is the way citizens should be treated and I will put an end to such treatment.

Helping businesses

I want to change our reputation from not being very business friendly to coming alongside businesses to improve their chances for success and the city gaining more respect.

We had our largest non-national business pack up and move to another city and state it was because of how they were being treated by the city manager.  I have spoken to numerous other businesses that closed their doors and stated it was because the city failed to consider them and support their business when making decisions that impacted the business.

Fiscal Responsibility

I am NOT accusing anyone of mismanaging the city funds, I am simply saying, that we do not have a clear picture as we should.  I liked what Mayor Bottoms of Atlanta wanted to do and if it can be done, do the same.  That is, put our checkbook spending online so residents can see exactly how our money is being spent.

I received my MBA with a concentration in Management Information Systems from Southern Polytechnic State University in Marietta back in 2008.  I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Management (Aviation Maintenance Management but management nonetheless) from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in 1998.  With those management degrees, I learned a lot about financial management and fiscal responsibility. 

But long before I went to either college, I learned both concepts as a Noncommissioned Officer in the Army.  I was responsible for the care and maintenance of 13 Army Aerial Exploitation Reconnaissance Airplanes.  Each airplane was valued at over 1.5 million dollars back in 1981.  I was personally responsible for every piece of maintenance equipment required to maintain those airplanes at age 21.  Every maintenance toolbox, every airplane jack, two sets of mobile toolrooms, and every single item on the flight line except the planes.

So, I bring a long history of responsibility to the taxpayer.

I know Powder Springs has gone through more finance directors in six years than any normal business would and it makes me wonder why they would come here and then quit.  I know we have bought and switched accounting software multiple times since I moved here.  When I was in my MBA program, we would see that as an indicator of trying to keep the board of directors (in this case, the council) in the dark as to the true fiscal status of the organization.  I have sat on numerous boards for the past 20 years and we (the board) closely monitor the financial reports to validate that the money is being used as we directed.  Our council does not regularly receive financial statements and simply trusts the city manager.  I like the old saying, Trust but Verify. 

I have already stated that I have a track record of saving money and stopping fraud, waste, and abuse.  I will continue that process as mayor.  The city manager and the city attorney work for the mayor and council.  It seems our city has it backward and when a former council member stated this fact, the current mayor scoffed and stated, “I don’t think so.”  I want to put the city back to operating as it is designed to operate by the City Charter and existing ordinances.